Herbalife telah
diasaskan oleh Mark Hughes pada tahun 1980. Ketika Mark berusia 18 tahun, beliau bertekad mencari jalan untuk membantu kesihatan pengguna melalui pemakanan yang baik serta mencipta program pengurangan berat badan yang selamat dan berkesan. Setelah beberapa lama melalui proses pengkajian dan pembangunan, Mark melancarkan Herbalife untuk memenuhi misi menjadikan peningkatan kesihatan dan kesejahteraan badan dapat dinikmati oleh semua orang di dunia ini.


Herbalife started as one young man's dream more than 29 years ago. Mark Hughes was just 18 years old when his mother Joan passed away from an accidental drug overdose of prescription weight loss pills.
Being a part time model and actress in L.A, Joan struggled with her weight for many years and finding a convenient and effective weight loss method as a single working mom in the late 1970's held little alternatives other than diet pills. Diet drugs are highly addictive, have terrible side effects and make it difficult to sleep so Joan also took sleeping pills and unfortunately she had an overdose and died.
This event and the situation of Mark Hughes life impacted him so profoundly that Mark decided that he would make a difference in the world by finding a safe and effective alternative to the diet drugs and pills that had killed his mom.

Our Founder
“Introducing balanced nutrition to millions of
people in the world is a dream come true for me.”

—Mark Hughes, 1956-2000

Mark Hughes passed away in 2000, but his vision for changing people’s lives – helping people manage their weight, regain their health and find financial prosperity – continues to thrive.

Today the Herbalife product range includes weight management, targeted nutrition, outer nutrition, and personal care. All made with natural herbal ingredients and all designed to cleanse and nourish the cells of the body for maximum health results.

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